Microsemi Field

Microsemi Field


This 12-acre field of well-manicured 419 bermuda grass, is the training and practice facility for both the men’s & women’s soccer programs.  Likewise, it has become one of the finest youth soccer tournament locations on the West Coast hoasting between 14 to 16 tournaments annually.  Additionally, the venue has served as training facility for Rose Bowl teams such as Penn State and Northwestern, as well as the former Los Angeles Rams and the 1994 World Cup soccer team from Romania. The Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, San Diego Chargers, Notre Dame, Florida State, Ohio State, University of Texas, San Diego State and Michigan are among other football teams that have trained on Microsemi Field.

This field can easily accommodate five (5) regulation football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, softball, or ultimate fields. Located directly behind Crawford Hall (which encompasses locker room space, sports medicine facilities and the strength and conditioning center for UCI’s student athletes), this convenient space is the ideal training area for both team and individual workouts.  


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